Big Holes in the Stories of J. J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ Remakes

Whilst J. J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ remakes were great fun, they were sadly riddled with holes throughout their stories, and for me this really compromised how much I enjoy them. Here’s some of the biggest examples of holes in the stories of the films; sadly, all the lens flare in the world won’t cover up these whoppers.

First off is the opening scene of ‘Star Trek’ 2009, where we first encounter the villainous Nero and his enormous and deadly ship, the Nerada.


I mean, just look at that. You could literally fly a ship through it, and they did! That’s a pretty big hole. You’d have thought the screenwriters might have caught that before filming. Nice work, Lindelof.

The Nerada attacks, causing severe damage on the poor Starfleet ship. Amongst the carnage, a few crew-members suddenly find themselves in outer space, but why?

Star Trek Into Darkness Bad Robot international trailer hull breach 5

You guessed it! Another huge hole. I guess you can put this one down to special effects more than anything, but it’s still a pretty big hole to make it to the final edit.

One of the most dramatic events is the destruction of Spock’s homeworld, a huge catastrophe, but the film’s creators fail to address the enormous hole in the story at the centre of it all.


Pretty sloppy, don’t ya think?

Later, Nero explains some of his backstory but it’s tricky to take much of it seriously, given that it all comes out of one major hole in the story that’s easy to see, even for non-Trek fans:


By this point, the film is riddled with holes in its story, but that’s nothing compared to it’s sequel, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’…

Right from the off, there was something strange with the plot of ‘Into Darkness’. So many of the scenes revolve around holes in the story, so much so that one of the biggest even made it onto the film’s poster!


Can you believe it? This should have given us ample warning that this plot would be full of holes.

There’s two minor holes in the story in the opening scene, but they’re easy enough to overlook given the excitement of Spock’s antics in the volcano.


Compared to some of the others, they’re barely worth mentioning, really.

But what about this? Things like this really make me think that Abrams and his crew just weren’t even paying attention, which is a real shame.


This wasn’t even the biggest hole in this scene!


Look at that, two massive holes in the story in quick succession. What a shame.

The film pays homage to the classic ‘Wrath of Khan’ with this emotionally-charged outburst from Spock. Sadly, the scene is ruined for me by a huge hole which is in plain sight.


If only the screenwriters hadn’t been so oblivious, this could’ve been great.

Such a shame that these films couldn’t have been more than they were. Hopefully the sequel, due out in 2016, will rely a little less on holes to advance its story. We can but hope.

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