Philosophical Questions Asked and Answered by ‘Prometheus’ (2012)

A few years ago, Ridley Scott directed a film that divided the opinions of many, but ‘Prometheus’ managed to ask some deeply philosophical questions, and actually provided answers for many of them, something that few other big budget releases manage.

My full review of the film is still a work-in-progress, but for now, here’s a list of some of the most thought-provoking philosophical issues that ‘Prometheus’ addresses, and the answers that it provides.


Question: What will the future of space travel look like?


Answer: Pretty cool.

Question: What will happen when we create androids with the ability to experience emotion, and then treat them like crap for no reason?



Answer: They’ll get really creepy and do weird, nasty, random stuff for similarly little reason.

Question: In the future, will women in Science Fiction stop being defined by their uteruses and the men around them, and have fully-formed personalities of their own?


Answer: Probably not.

Question: What might motivate some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields to participate in mankind’s first true mission of interstellar exploration?


Answer: Money.

Question: On first encountering alien life on another world, as a top biologist what would your first impulse be?


Answer: Try to stroke it.

Question: As you first set foot upon an alien world with its own vital ecosystem, would the dangers of microbial infection inhibit your desire to immediately remove your space helmet after discovering an oxygen-rich atmosphere?

Prometheus - Charlie Holloway Sick

Answer: Nah, it’s probably fine.

Question: If a group of people, all united on a quest of exploration and monetary reward, should find themselves in a labyrinthine cave network, which of them will get lost and be unable to navigate out of the caves?


Answer: The geologist directly responsible for mapping the caves.

Question: As a captain, responsible for the well-being and safety of mankind’s first interstellar mission of exploration, what would be your first impulse upon discovering that two of your crew are stranded in a cave and being approached by an unknown alien lifeform?


Answer: Try to have sex with a blonde woman, just to see if she’s a robot.

Question: Based on this film, how do you expect humanity’s first steps beyond our own humble solar system to progress?


Answer: Poorly.






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