The Daily Philistine – January 3rd – Josh Kirby and Norah Jones

Picture of the Day – Josh Kirby’s Cover Art for ‘The Light Fantastic’


I’ve spent my entire life not reading as much as I should. I find it too easy to start a book and never finish it. To buy a book and never open it. The idea of being someone who reads is far more appealing to me than actually reading. Which is awful, I know. But there were several books that I did finish when I was young, and most of them were by Terry Pratchett.

And, because I’m precisely that sort of person, what I remember most about some of the earlier books is the cover art by Josh Kirby. Four hundred pages of witty fantasy satire, and all I take away in my head is the colourful painting on the front.

What I remember most is the detail – each piece was covered in tiny details, down to every corner and edge. I honestly could have picked any of Kirby’s covers, but I went with ‘The Light Fantastic’ because I can only barely remember the plot of the book itself, but the cover is etched in my memory. All of the strange little animals in the bottom left, the weirdly pallid skin of the scantily-clad warrior woman, the sheer grotesqueness of every figure depicted, all gaudy and bright and a little bit strange. Which is basically the definition of Discworld, I suppose. Gaudy, bright, a little strange.

There isn’t much else I can offer for this one. If you’ve never read a Pratchett novel, definitely don’t start with this one, start with ‘Mort’ (which also had a beautiful cover). Or ‘Only You Can Save Mankind’. That one I do remember. Or The Bromeliad. Terry Pratchett crafted many wonderful stories, and very few of them need to be read in any kind of an order.

Music of the Day – ‘Say Goodbye’ by Norah Jones

Spotify Link: ‘Say Goodbye’ by Norah Jones

I used to listen to Norah Jones’ ‘Feels Like Home’ a lot when I was younger. I had a weird taste in music for a teenager. A few weeks ago, I decided to listen to some of her other albums, and ‘Say Goodbye’ stood out on ‘Little Broken Hearts’. It stood out because it’s completely divergent from her usual gentle folksy stuff from over a decade ago. It’s really unusual but very catchy, I find.

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