The Daily Philistine – January 9th – Irina Kruglova and Jeff Russo

Picture of the Day – Irina Kruglova’s ‘Wild Wind’


There was a great article today on the BBC news website about a website called, a website I’d never heard of but which apparently became popular enough on its launch for it to crash its own servers. As I was reading, I realised that out of six artists I spoke about last week, only one was female. And then it occurred to me that the only female artist I could name off the top of my head was Tracy Emin, who… is just dreadful.

So with the aim of broadening my horizons, I had a browse through the website and there are some amazing artists on there. One of the paintings I saw really stood out for me, which was ‘Wild Wind’, by Irina Kruglova, and it’s really rather striking. Very crisp, very modern and precise, but very evocative – enough to make me feel like I’m there. It’s incredible how talented people are able to capture the feeling of a moment with what amounts to a few coloured shapes cleverly arranged, but there it is. That’s art, I suppose.

Kruglova’s website is well worth a visit, as is womenwhodraw when you get chance. Part of the reason for me doing these daily (nearly daily) posts was expand my own artistic palate, and I’m glad it’s already starting to pay off. One day, I may even end up “cultured”. One day far, far off in the future, I imagine.

Music of the Day – Jeff Russo’s ‘Wrench and Numbers’

Spotify Link: Jeff Russo’s ‘Wrench and Numbers’

‘Fargo’ was one of those series that was, in its own way, completely baffling in conception and yet completely captivating in execution. A few episodes in, the mute Mr. Wrench and the intense Mr. Numbers show up, backed by this piece of music. It’s raw, relentless, energetic, and I could listen to it for hours.

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