An Open Letter To Shabhana Mahmood MP

Dear Shabhana Mahmood MP,

You have failed us.

I have written to you previously about Dominic Raab’s suggestion of proroguing Parliament, which he made during the Tory Leadership campaign.

That suggestion is now government policy.

You and your colleagues in Parliament have failed us, the actual people of Britain.

You failed us when you allowed David Cameron to hold a divisive referendum, purely to quiet the dissenting voices of the European Research Group in his own party and thereby secure his position of power.

You failed us when the Tories lost their Parliamentary majority in 2017, and went on to bribe their way back into power unchallenged with a £1billion fee to the DUP.

You failed us when Boris Johnson became an unelected Prime Minister days before your weeks-long Parliamentary break, allowing his unelected government to plot and plan and enact their No-Deal Brexit agenda unchecked.

On 1st November, when we leave the EU without a deal, and freedom of movement is taken away from the EU citizens who are our doctors and nurses, the NHS will shut down overnight and you will have failed millions of vulnerable people whose lives depend on nationalised healthcare.

If you feel that you were unable to stop any of these things because they are simply symptons of the way our political system works, then you should have been working with other elected representatives to change that system.

No system of democracy should permit a few wealthy men in positions of power to further their own selfish agenda at the expense of the people. By not challenging this system, and by allowing matters to escalate to the point that we now face a suspended Parliament, you have failed absolutely in your duties as a representative of the people, along with every other Member of Parliament.

I will be going into London in a few days time to protest this government, the parliamentary suspension and, for once, to make my voice heard. There is no election in which I can vote, and if there were, there is still nothing to prevent the Government from spending public money to bribe its way back into power, as it did last time.

Boris Johnson and his government are unquestionably to blame for this, but so are all the politicians such as yourself who took so little action to reform our democratic system and prevent the abuses of power by which we are currently being held hostage.

You, your party and your colleagues should be ashamed of your failures.

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