Angry Space Triangles

Myself and my friend, James,attended between us six Star Wars: Armada tournaments in the space of a fortnight. It started on the weekend of the 6th February 2016, when my other friend Sam joined us in Rugby, at Shadow Games.

We each used an Imperial fleet led by Admiral Screed, featuring a core of one Imperial-class Star Destroyer with the Relentless title, a Gladiator-class Star Destroyer with the Demolisher title, and another Gladiator. In all three fleets, both Gladiators had Assault Concussion Missiles.

You may wonder why we were using such similar fleets. In truth, it happened more-or-less independently, since we all love our Star Destroyers, we all like the reliability of Screed, and we all prefer ship combat to squadron engagements.


The results of the tournaments, and a few other articles which have spawned from them, can be found below. In every article I try to focus only on my own experience from the games I have played, and less on standard theory crafting – obviously, with plenty of my own opinion thrown in, of course.

Here goes nothing…