‘Star Trek: Re/Discovery’

In a bid to explore the problems around ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, I’ve chosen to try and re-write the whole thing with a view to making the story work. This will be a long, self-indulgent project, but it will be therapeutic for me, and hopefully at least a little interesting as an exercise in writing.

Battle at the Binary Stars

  • Part One – An unknown force has destroyed a probe at the edges of Federation space.
  • Part Two – Georgiou and Burnham head towards a mysterious object hiding in a debris field.
  • Part Three – The away team investigates the station, and receives a violent welcome.
  • Part Four – Captain Lorca, Ash Tyler and the Buran shoot the breeze.
  • Part Five – Burnham awakes in a prison cell with Georgiou. Detmer is bored. Everything goes to shit.
  • Part Six – Saru worries. Burnham prowls. T’Kuvma waffles on.

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