WARNING: Terrifying ANTIFA Assault Planned On European Soil

It has recently emerged, thanks to tireless counter-intelligence operations, that a large, militarised ANTIFA group is planning a brutal attack on Western Europe.

Reports indicate that a large contingent of ANTIFA warriors are gathering, in significant numbers, at secret locations across England, and are preparing to assail Northern France across the English Channel as part of the secretive “Operation Overlod”, before taking their violence further into the rest of France, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium and eventually Germany.

A blurry photo uploaded to social media of a violent ANTIFA infiltration group, one seen brandishing what appears to be a knife. If you recognise any of these individuals, please inform your local police force.

The exact day and hour of the attack is unknown, but military leaders from Europe’s governments, both the German Großdeutsches Reich and the French l’État Français, have stated that every measure is being taken to repulse this unwarranted and senseless assault by ANTIFA terrorists.

“We are more than prepared to repulse these liberal snowflakes,” said the German Chancellor in a public statement. “Our top military leaders have already begun work on what we are calling the ‘Atlantic Wall’, an impregnable defense network built by thousands, millions even, of the best, the very, the very best, French labourers. We will be ready for these ‘anti-fascist’ degenerates.”

A photograph of ANTIFA equipment observed being used in previous anti-fascist violence, which as you can see includes rifles, long-range radios, handguns, spoons, explosive grenades, and bladed weapons.

The ANTIFA forces in question are believed to originate from all over the world, and how they have arrived in Britain is unknown. It has been reported that they are using a large amount of American-made equipment and weapons, from firearms to vehicles, including the LCVP, or “Higgins Boat”, an armoured transport designed to carry hordes of ANTIFA agitators across the English Channel in defiance of Germany’s warnings against such an action.

The German Chancellor continued his speech, saying “One thing is certain: there can be only one victor in this fight… A victory by Germany means the preservation of Europe. That is so very clear that every not completely crazy Englishman should know this quite well.”

Another group of ANTIFA terrorists. This photo is believed to have been taken in Croatia. The identities of the individuals seen here are unknown.

Further information is yet to be revealed. The leaders of the Worldwide Anti-Fascist Alliance, designated by authorities as “Dwight E.”, “Joe S.” and “W. L. S. C.”, are mysterious figures shrouded in secrecy, and it is unknown what they hope to achieve with this planned attack. However, it seems certain that they are intent on the downfall of ruling Western powers in Europe, particularly after previous successes of ANTIFA violence in Italy and North Africa two years ago.

Improvised ANTIFA assault ships, uncovered at a hidden ANTIFA stronghold in Southern England.